How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes That Have Been Sitting In The Dryer

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Ironing clothes can be time-consuming but results in wrinkle-free, smooth, and crisp-looking clothing. However, not most of us have the luxury of time to iron clothes after laundry day. A lot of times, you can wear wrinkle-free clothes after you dry them. However, this may not be the case if you’ve left your clothes in the dryer for long. If you want to lessen those moments when you feel frustrated to see wrinkled garments straight from the dryer, this article is for you.

Wrinkled Clothes Left In The Dryer?

Sometimes life can get busy, and it’s common to have clothes left in the dryer overnight. You may get too lazy to bother with folding or hanging them the night before. Or you just totally forgot about them after you hit the shower. But leaving your clothes in the dryer can lead to wrinkles. 

If this happens frequently, you need to improve the way you do your laundry. By making a few adjustments, you will save more time and energy and will be able to wear wrinkle-free clothing most of the time. 

How to Avoid Wrinkled Clothes from the Dryer

Avoid leaving your clothes in the dryer for longer

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After all the tumbling and drying, your laundry will get crumpled in so many ways. The clothes in the dryer may get weighed down the drum once it stops spinning. Like the flat iron, the residual heat from the dryer will set the folds and leave your clothes wrinkled. If you want to avoid this, don’t wait for long before taking the clothes out of the dryer. You may hang them in a clothes hanger after drying or fold them neatly.

Don’t tumble dry clothes all at once

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A loaded dryer will not function as efficiently as a loosely loaded one. Overloading your dryer and leaving your clothes for an extended period of time would only leave your clothes even more wrinkled because of the clothes pressing against each other. Not only that, but also, If you dry light clothes with heavier fabrics such as jeans, they will not dry evenly. Clothes made of thin materials will be too dry, while the heavier ones will feel damp after drying.

Steam is your friend in preventing wrinkles

Say you forgot to take out your clothes from the dryer the previous night and you are left with clothes that are too wrinkled to wear, what do you do? Tumble-drying clothing and using steam can save you from this frustration. Here’s how to to make your clothes wrinkle-free by incorporating steam as you tumble dry your laundry:

Ice cube

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You can remove creases from clothes that are left in the dryer using ice cubes. Just set the highest temperature setting in the clothes dryer for around 10 to 15 minutes. Before you turn it on, toss three ice cubes with the laundry and let the clothes dry with the ice. As they melt, the ice cubes will release steam that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles on clothes. You can do other activities such as taking a hot shower as you wait for your clothes to dry. However, this trick only works on a few pieces of clothing at a time.

Wet socks or a wet towel

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Tossing a few wet socks or a damp bath towel in the dryer also works well in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. As the towel dries, steam is released. It relaxes and removes creases in the fabric. You can set the timer for around five minutes on medium heat and wait for the garments to dry again. Your clothes will come out crease-free. You then get that warm toasty feeling of clothes fresh from your dryer.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to wear wrinkled clothes even when you are in a morning rush. By maximizing the use of your dryer and incorporating steam as you dry them, you will be able to don a crisp-looking garment each time you need it.

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