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Tidy Diary aims to teach its readers how to clean better. We believe that better cleaning doesn’t have to be time-consuming and exhausting. Rather, it should be as smart, simple, and painless as possible. 

As an online resource about cleaning and tidying, we offer practical tips and information so you could implement the most effective ways to clean and organize your home. 

We are passionate about cleaning. With guidance from our expert contributors, we also aim to help you in making smart and informed decisions about the cleaning products you choose. It is our hope that by doing so, you also get to have a tidy home you can enjoy as we do.

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Peggy is a contributor and editor at Tidy Diary. She is a proud mother of three children who inspired her to level up her tidying skills. She enjoys her me time by lounging in her favorite nook with a lovely cup of tea. She also keeps a handy diary.