How to Hand Wash a Bra

I remembered the first time I had a bra that fit me well. It’s a thin lacey one with intricate ribbons as details. Aside from the fact that it’s comfortable, it made me feel sexy! I find it hard to find a bra that I absolutely like. So when I got the one, I immediately bought back-ups of different colors and designs of matching underwear from the same shop. That’s also when I started to take extra effort to care for my bras by hand washing them.

Finding a well-fitted bra can quickly enhance your confidence. It can provide you with the support and lift (pun intended) that you need to face the world. So it’s only vital that you take good care of your brassiere. But how do you wash bras? 

If you don’t want to end up with misshapen and “bacon-looking” bras, then you better avoid tossing them in the washing machine with your dirty laundry. Yup, even the delicate cycle setting is not a good idea. Hand washing your bras is the best way to go if you want to prolong their lifespan. If you don’t have an idea how to hand wash a bra, then we’ll gladly help you out.

What You’ll Need

Below are the items you need to hand wash bras:

  • Coldwater
  • Mild detergent
  • Sink
  • Clean towel
  • Drying rack/ hanger

Instructions on How to Hand Wash a Bra

Ditch washing your bras in the washing machine and take time to hand wash them properly using these steps:

1. Fill the Sink with Cold Water

Plug the sink and fill it with cold or lukewarm water. It is not advisable to use hot water or even warm water to wash your bras as this may cause damage to the elastics. Damaging the elastic will result in unfitting bras.

2. Add a Gentle Detergent

Add one to two teaspoons of gentle detergent. Make sure that the detergent is completely dissolved. 

3. Check for Stains and Give Your Bras a Good Soak

Check for any deodorant stains on the fabric and treat it accordingly. Once you remove any stain, put your bras in the sink and swish them around in the water and detergent solution. Soak your bras for 15 minutes to an hour. 

4. Hand Wash Bras Gently

Hand wash bras by rubbing each bra between your hands gently. Focus on areas such as the band and cups. Massage the cups carefully and work that lather. 

5. Rinse the Bra with Cold Water

Get rid of the soapy water by draining the sink. Run each article of clothing under the faucet using cool water and gently squeeze out excess water. Make sure that the bra is free of laundry detergent. You can fill the sink with water and do another rinse if the fabric still feels slippery. Squeeze the excess water without wringing out the fabric, so you don’t misshape your bras. 

6. Towel Dry Your Bras

Grab a clean towel and lay your bras flat on top. Fold the towel and cover the bra with the other end to get rid of excess water.

7. Air Dry Your Bras Completely

Air dry your bras on hangers. Always hang the bras by the center gore or the fabric between your bra’s cups. It will take longer for bras to air dry, but it’s worth it. The heat from dryers damages your bras’ elastics. Damaged elastics can ruin the fit of your bras. You don’t want your snug-fit bras to look flimsy, right?

More Tips on How to Prolong Your Bra’s Lifespan

You now know how to hand wash bras. If you want to take the extra effort to prolong the life of your bras, follow the tips below:

  • You don’t have to wash bras after every use. You can change and hand wash your bras after three usages. 
  • Sports bra gets sweaty immediately. You have to change and wash sports bras after use.
  • Washing bras in cold water is beneficial for the elastics.
  • Don’t hang your bra using the straps. You will ruin your bra’s shape when you hang your straps while they are still wet. 
  • Maintain your bras’ shape by storing them properly. Stand up and stack each bra with the cups inside each in the drawer. Don’t fold them in half to avoid the ugly wrinkle you can get in the middle of your bra. 
  • Store your lingerie separately. 

In Conclusion

Hand washing your bra can take extra time and effort. Who wants to wash them by hand when you can just toss your bra in the washing machine and call it a day, right? Besides, if you’re sharing the bathroom with someone else, hand washing can be a hassle. However, machine washing shortens the life of your bras. Bras should be handled delicately and not tossed in the washer with other garments. Washing bras with other clothes may cause the elastic to become loose during the wash cycle. If you love the way your bras make you feel, then you owe it to yourself to prolong their lifespan by hand washing them properly. 

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