How to Keep Socks Together in the Wash

Have you ever dealt with orphan socks? You know, those socks in the drawer that seem so lonely and you can’t use them when you go out as they have no pair? Missing socks suck. You know you put them in the laundry basket, and you washed them together. But when it’s time to fold the laundry, they mysteriously end up alone.

Losing socks in the laundry is frustrating. The only purpose I get out of my unpaired socks is when I use them while sleeping. I know it’s annoying trying to find those socks that go missing after the laundry. So instead of buying new socks only to lose them again, you can follow our simple methods of keeping socks together in the wash.

Use a Laundry Mesh Bag

I love a good laundry mesh bag. If you never purchased a laundry mesh bag, then it’s time to get a good one. It’s got great uses in the laundry! Before you toss them in the washer, take an extra step of putting your soiled socks in a laundry mesh bag. When you wash them together, you surely won’t lose them, at least in the laundry, that is.

There are different sizes of laundry bags available in your local dollar store. If you’re feeling a little extra, you can purchase a few bags for each family member. You can separate each family member’s socks from their hamper and put them together in their respective laundry mesh bags. That way, no sock will end up in a pile alone or go to another person’s drawer.

If you are going to use a mesh bag, make sure you purchase the ones that have zippers in them instead of drawstrings. Don’t overload your laundry mesh bags, though. Ensure the garments can still move around in the washer and dryer. That way, they don’t end up dirty and wet. I highly suggest that you use laundry mesh bags for your delicates as well. The bag can keep your clothes in good condition for longer too.

Keep them together with a safety pin, sock lock, sock dock, or rubber band

Keeping your socks together is the key to never losing them. For this method, you can use a safety pin, sock lock, sock dock, or even a rubber band. When you keep your socks together by physically tying them, no pair will end up alone after washing. Here are some tips on how you can physically tie your socks together in the laundry.

Safety Pin

To use a safety pin, pin the socks together while they are still in the hamper. Then you can throw them in the washer and dry them. You can then remove the pins and wrap the socks together before keeping them in your sock drawer.

However, if you usually use a safety pin to hold your socks together in the washer, it may lead to holes because of the friction during the wash cycle.

Sock Lock

If you are hesitant to use safety pins, then you can try using a sock lock. A color-coded sock lock can be a colorful way that can save you from the trouble of looking for a missing pair. To use a sock lock, put the pair together in the hole. You have to do this while you are sorting the laundry in the hamper before washing. You can try using different colors to represent each sock for a family member as well.

Sock Dock

The same principle applies to sock docks. Sock docks function similarly to a sock lock. However, unlike sock locks that let you sort one pair at a time, sock docks have more holes where you can put a couple of them together before washing them. It’s easier for homes that have children living together too. You can use one sock dock for each family member.

Rubber Band

Want a cheaper alternative to sock locks or sock docks? A rubber band can help you keep your socks together as well! Simply tie the pair of socks together before tossing them in the washing machine. After the cycle, you end up with a complete pair of socks.

Wash them in a laundry load separate from the rest of the clothes

You probably got yourself in a sock-hunting situation after losing them in a pile of laundry at least once in your life. Aside from the missing socks, washing socks with the rest of the clothes can cause tangles. This is evident, especially when you wash long socks together with sweaters.

One way to keep them together and avoid this scenario is to wash them in a laundry load separate from the rest of the clothes. By doing so, you can simply hang the socks in line together when you dry them. You also minimize the time looking for pairs in the pile of your fresh laundry. This method is effective, especially when you wash your family’s laundry or your weeklong worth of clothes.

In Conclusion

Tying or sorting dirty socks from the hamper is not a beautiful task. However, taking this extra step will save you from the time you spent looking for another pair after laundry. Plus, you save yourself from the “Mom-I-can’t-find-my-socks” situation. Follow our tips mentioned above so you can keep your socks from being alone in the drawer!

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