What Are Laundry Bleach Pods

Washing clothes can be a pretty daunting task, especially when you have to deal with tough stains. I have always been skeptical about using bleach. I either think of it as a laundry product that can make my white shirts shine bright or something that can mess with my colored garments. You would probably agree with me, too, that the scent of regular bleach is pretty strong.

I learned about Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Packs in the search for cleaning products that offer an alternative solution to remove stains. They are a type of laundry bleach that comes in pod form. Unlike the typical Clorox bleach, Clorox Zero Splash Bleach promises a convenient solution to washing needs. It comes in a pre-dosed solid pack that is convenient as it is effective.

Laundry bleach pods in general only start working when they come in contact with water. Thus, we get the same power without the spills or exposure to harsh odor.

Laundry Bleach Pods (Bleach Packs)

With the promise of convenience without the spill, these bleach packs contain measured amounts of bleach. But are laundry bleach pods just another gimmick?

Like the regular liquid bleach, Clorox Zero Splash Bleach can be used as a cleaner on your bucket sink or toilet. You can also use it on your laundry without the splash ordinary bleach packs bring.

How Do Bleach Packs Work

Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Packs conveniently work as they are concentrated and already pre-measured. They are compact and don’t create the splash ordinary bleach packs bring. These convenient laundry packs are filled with solid bleach crystals. When in contact with water, Zero Splash Bleach Packs dissolve and activate to a bleach solution.

Generally speaking, bleach removes stains and odor by interacting with organic molecules. As it oxidizes, bleach changes the soil into soluble substances. These substances are then removed by detergents as you wash your clothes.

Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Packs whiten and brighten fabric when used moderately. It can also disinfect clothing and other surfaces by killing bacteria.

Where Can I Use Bleach Packs?

You can use bleach packs when you want to enjoy whiter laundry and cleaner surfaces without worrying whether you put just the right amount or spilled it on your colored clothing.

The Clorox Zero Bleach Pack can be used to get rid of tough stains on your white laundry. They also work well with both standard and high-efficiency washing machines.

These efficient bleach pods can also be used to clean and disinfect surfaces such as countertops, floors, toilets, and more! Dilute it in water, and make sure you stir to dissolve and activate the product.

How to Use Bleach Packs

If you want to achieve fresh and whiter laundry, use Zero Splash Bleach Packs by following the steps below:

  1. Sort your load of laundry by color. Separate the whites from colored clothes and tough fabric.
  2. Add your white clothes to the washer.
  3. Add detergent as directed and wash according to package instructions.
  4. Then, add the laundry bleach pack directly to the drum, do not put it in dispenser trays.
  5. For a regular-sized washer, add one bleach pack of your Clorox Zero Splash Bleach five minutes into your washing cycle.
  6. You may add two pods if you have an extra-large load or extremely soiled laundry.

If you need to clean surfaces, dilute one pack of the laundry bleach pod to a gallon of water. Stir to dissolve and mop the surface with the solution. Rinse the surface well and air dry.

If you want to disinfect your toilet and sink, simply use a pack of Clorox Zero Splash Bleach. Stir it to your water-filled toilet or sink to dissolve fully. Rinse your sink afterward.

How Many Packs of Bleach Do You Need

If you are using bleach pods for laundry, add one pack for a regular-sized washer. A regular washer can accommodate around 12 pounds of laundry. 

Two pods are needed for more laundry loads or extra-large washing machines. If you have extra soiled clothes, you may also need two packs of Clorox Zero Splash Bleach.

To clean surfaces, toilets, and sink, use one pack of Clorox Zero Splash Bleach per one gallon of water. You also need to use one pack per toilet bowl and sink.

Important Usage Notes

  • Like other cleaning agents, Clorox Zero Splash Bleach contains harmful chemicals in a concentrated form. This is poisonous when ingested. Always keep out of reach of children.
  • Dissolve your Zero Splash Bleach Packs with water to activate the product.

FAQ About Bleach Packs or Laundry Bleach Pods

Do Clorox bleach packs have chlorine?

Yes, they do. However, Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Packs only release chlorine when they come in contact with water.

Can you use bleach pods with colored clothes?

Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Packs are not safe to be used with colored clothes.

Do I still need bleach pods when using Tide pods?

Yes, you may still use bleach pods because Tide pods do not contain oxygen bleach.

Do I still need laundry detergent pods when using laundry bleach pods?

Yes! Bleach pods are not laundry detergents. They can’t clean clothes and produce suds the way Tide pods do.

Can you put bleach pods in the dishwasher?

The answer is no! Bleach does not wash out properly in the dishwasher, and it is harmful when ingested.

Where to put bleach packs in the toilet tank?

You can simply drop your zero splash bleach pack on the toilet. Then dissolve it by stirring.

Are bleach packs safe for septic systems?

As with other types of Clorox bleach, bleach packs in moderate amounts aren’t as bad for a septic system.


Laundry bleach pods such as the Clorox Zero Splash Bleach is a convenient solution that lessens the chance of spills. They also brighten your clothes and clean other surfaces such as sinks, toilets, and countertops in a pre-measured form. Just make sure that when using a zero splash bleach pack, you dissolve it fully in water first. This is to activate the solid bleach crystals that are inside the pods.

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