What Is A Laundry Marker

Doing the laundry can be a daunting task. Sometimes the care labels can get washed off thru time. Or garments get lost in other people’s drawers since there are no tags. 

You can use a laundry marker to avoid the hassle of going thru each family member’s cabinet to find your shirt. Fabric markers are permanent markers used for garments or any fabric. They don’t budge even when exposed to heat and water. It stays even after frequent washing, dry cleaning, or even bleaching. A permanent fabric marker uses ink as a regular marker and comes in different shapes, sizes. The most common ones are pen-shaped with a fine point.

What Are Laundry Markers Used For

Laundry or fabric markers are permanent markers that help you sort and do the laundry. It is an easy and inexpensive way of labeling or placing a tag inside any clothing. You can use them for drawing or writing tags on t-shirts, shirts, uniforms, linen sheets, pants, socks, or even towels.

Like any other marker that uses permanent ink, a laundry marker uses colorant, resin, and solvent. The resin used is non-polar. It means the markings don’t dissolve even when wet. They can also survive frequent washes. The mark can also tolerate hot washes and even the high heat from dryers. You can use a laundry marker in most types of fabrics. The ink used on good-quality ones doesn’t smudge or bleed. 

If you are having trouble identifying whose t-shirts are whose, fabric markers will be your best friend. You can use them to write the names or initials of the clothes owners on the surface or inside seam of the clothing. Placing fresh laundry in each drawer will be easier with the help of a laundry marker.

You can also write down the care labels symbols using a laundry marker if you are missing a care tag. Fabric markers with fine tips help write small labels and more detailed lines.

Where Are Laundry Markers Commonly Used?

Those who need to wash lots of laundry loads will enjoy this type of permanent marker. From the military, prisons, sports teams, to textile mills, anyone can use them. These establishments use uniforms. Thus, placing a name label or mark on each shirt using a laundry marker can keep them organized.

How To Use Laundry Markers

There are no specific rules when it comes to using these permanent markers for fabric. But, here are some tips to help you maximize its use:

  • You can buy different colored fabric markers to label your clothes. You can assign a specific color for each family member instead of writing down their names on the fabric. It’s also wise if you are planning to use hand-me-down clothing for another family member. But, if you plan to sell them in consignment shops, take note that most of them don’t accept clothes with permanent labels.
  • You can use the different colored markers to categorize fabric types. You can also use them to label darks and lights. 
  • Buy fabric markers that best suit your needs. Some of them come in broad nibs, while some have a fine point in them.
  • When placing a permanent care tag, use a fabric marker with a fine tip to make it less noticeable.
  • Leave a mark on an area that is accessible.
  • Place cardboard underneath the fabric if you want to write inside the surface of the shirt. It will keep the ink from bleeding. 
  • The permanent ink used in these special pens can take several minutes to dry. Some of them even take more than a day or need heat before setting. It’s better not to wet the clothing immediately after marking them. With this in mind, a quick-drying fabric marker is always a good choice.
  • Wait for a few washes before placing a label on new apparel. The starches or fillers used on the clothing that absorbs dye get washed off during the laundry.
  • When using a fabric pen for the first time, draw or write in an inconspicuous area first before using them on all the clothes you plan to tag. A good marker won’t come off or even fade after a few washes.
  • Always follow the instructions that come with your permanent markers. Buy a good-quality laundry marker that won’t bleed and can let you write on the fabric smoothly.
  • If you want the marker to last, cap it using a pocket clip to keep the ink fresh for longer.

FAQ About Laundry Markers

What is a good alternative for laundry markers?

You can substitute fabric markers with an ordinary permanent marker. But unlike a laundry marker that stays permanent, a regular permanent marker may fade after a few washes. They also don’t glide as smoothly as your fabric marker when used on clothes. Permanent markers can also bleed on the other side of the fabric.

What’s the difference between a permanent marker and a laundry marker?

Laundry markers use a different ink that is not common in most permanent markers. The secret is in the proprietary resins used in laundry markers. These resins can withstand washing, drying, bleaching, and dry cleaning.

Do laundry markers wash out?

A good laundry marker does not wash out even after many washes. While you can buy cheaper ones that work, you may be compromising the quality. It’s best to invest in a good fabric marker that can stand high heat and plenty of washes.

Do laundry markers bleed?

Good quality laundry markers don’t usually bleed. However, even if you bought a high-quality one, it’s still best to write or draw a label underneath the collar or inside the shirt seam.

In Conclusion

Laundry markers are ideal when labeling clothes when you usually have a lot of laundry load. Quality markers stay on the fabric forever, so be careful when you label clothes with them. Follow the guidelines mentioned above before you use them to get the best results. For more cleaning and laundry tips, don’t forget to bookmark our page and follow our social media accounts!

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